Collection: Car toys

Perhaps the sector with wooden toys, designed and aimed at developing the imagination, fantasy, and construction skills of children.

Suppose the emphasis is placed on the cognitive, didactic, and healing processes in educational and speech-language games. In that case, the classic wooden toys will undoubtedly attract the attention of children and their parents with the opportunities they give for developing the imagination in artistic and playful aspects. For example, a few figurines of Knights taken out of a randomly taken game (or simply cut out of cardboard with the help of the parent is enough!)- and now the Knight's castle comes to life, ready for defense against the attackers (which, by the way, can also be cut or shaped with the means at hand!). And the Great Royal Castle is undoubtedly the most appropriate place to depict Cinderella's ball – by the way, during the story's telling, you can measure the new slippers of your little domestic princess while she enjoys the castle!

The various wooden doll houses designed for assembly will undoubtedly develop the design abilities of the boys, and their furnishing with authentic and cheap miniature wooden "furniture" will reveal the housekeeping and design talents of the girls. Each house can be "attached" to a large or small garage (which are separate toys), and nearby to assemble a wooden toy-a gas station designed for the cars in this garage.

The exoticism of the rural lifestyle can be impressively conveyed through the interesting animal farm.

Thus, the imagination and the enviable fantasy with which the various toys in this section are made, imperceptibly conquer the small builders – and they in turn will build their world, in which the wooden toys will live their fairy-tale life.