Collection: For preschool and kindergarden

Educational toys
In our section with educational toys, you can find tools suitable for games at home – alone or together with parents, as well as for kindergartens and schools. These are sorters-voluminous toys with holes in which various figures are placed and thus the spatial imagination of the child develops; you can also choose various templates, puzzles, and developing games.
In addition, we offer your attention sets for initial acquaintance with numbers and letters, first reading, drawing with two hands, patterns for writing, for entering the world of geometry through various geometric shapes, first information about geography through puzzles depicting the map of Bulgaria with individual elements-templates; for getting to know plants through puzzles for fruits and vegetables. So imperceptibly and in the form of play are learning knowledge and skills that will be very useful to children in kindergarten and school.

There are tools for developing and improving fine motor skills - which are manipulations with small objects and synchronous coordination between the functions of the hands and eyes.

You will find a variety of tutorials in the form of interesting and fun games – they will be useful for parents who are willing to deal with their children at home.

At your disposal are various materials for activities under the famous system "Montessori", the basis of which is the provision of freedom, which develops the spontaneous activity of the child: mobile alphabets (also in English), puzzles, magic chest of drawers. The role of the adult (parent, teacher, educator) in this system is only the role of a helper to support the child's independence based on the principle: "help me to do it myself!“

To develop the creative and motor abilities of children are designed various wooden toys of the type "constructor".

Very entertaining and interesting are the toys designed to introduce individual elements of the big world that the child is yet to learn: for example, puzzles with vehicles, with the planets of the solar system, developing a game with padlocks and keys, etc.