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Arch for breathing exercises

Arch for breathing exercises

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                You may be impressed if a child starts to gasp faster and often while walking and talking at the same time. Or children who break sentences and sometimes words to catch their breath.
                To avoid these manifestations in children come to the aid of breathing games. What child has not enjoyed playing with soap bubbles at some stage of their development, or has not pointed to a dandelion blooming excitedly?
                The "Butterfly breathing exercise arch" is a game through which the child can train control of his exhaled jet. Butterfly elements are of different sizes, which requires different strength of exhalation. The speech therapist / parent has the opportunity to hang anything he / she considers appropriate for the child's level - from light objects such as feathers and pom poms, requiring a very light exhalation force, to significantly heavier ones such as bird figurines, chemicals, etc. Simply fasten the end of the object to the string or tie it to it and challenge the child to try to swing it with a blow.
                The location of the elements will facilitate the training to direct the Air jet without the child having to change the position of his head and position himself in front of the PlayStation. Holding the lips in position (passive articulatory praxis) for blowing is important for children who learn and/or perfect the correct pronunciation of the sounds "W", "G" and "H" because of the similarity in the articulatory posture.
 Game options :

"Take a deep breath. In 1 breath, swing the largest butterfly, then the smallest and finally the middle one.”
If instead of butterflies from the set, lighter objects such as pompoms are used: “try to hold the red pompom as high as you can by just blowing. Now take a deep breath and hold the yellow pom-pom at the top for 3 seconds, then direct the exhaled stream to the blue pom-pom and hold it at the top for 2 seconds.”
"Take a deep breath. Make the first butterfly fly for 3 seconds, then hold your air for a second and switch to the second butterfly and then to the third. The goal is to have enough air to make all three butterflies fly one after the other.”      
                The game is made of wood and measures 20 *30 cm. Extremely suitable for speech therapy offices, kindergartens and other specialists supporting the development of children.


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